Pure Health Consulting takes an holistic approach to addressing client needs, considering both financial and operational impact. Our team maximizes each engagement by tailoring services to align with our client’s organizational goals and corporate structure, reducing costs and timelines to execution. With our fit for purpose approach, Pure Health Consulting can help your team maximize results, avoid outsourcing pitfalls, and fix the systemic impact due to ineffective planning. 

With our offerings, your organization can avoid common outsourcing pitfalls which in increased spend and missed timelines/deliverables.


​Ineffective strategic planning: Lack of strategic planning and vendor interactions at project start results in higher spend due to unplanned/unforeseen obstacles. 

  • Lack of experience: Ineffective/inexperienced vendor negotiations result in increased spend and contractual inefficiencies.

  • Time costs: Diversion of clinical operations personnel focus from trial management to financial oversight results in time away from expertise and focus on projects deliverables.

  • Tracking: Poor financial forecasting, oversight, and tracking leads to increase cost.

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